Christian Loos

Christian Loos consists of three personas: a concept provider, creative director and graphic designer. They do not always agree—a discord that leads him to work until all three are satisfied.

Born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium, Christian moved to New York in 2011, where he worked for TBWA Chiat Day NY. Five years later, he founded Kitchen New York, a brand studio renowned for creating unique and novel brand identities. Ever the devotee to strong work ethics, Christian wrote a manual detailing the vital, unspoken rules of the Kitchen.

Brands Christian has worked on include: Volkswagen, UNICEF, Topps, P&G, Walkers, DIAGEO, Brussels Airlines, Sanzar, Toyota, Hoover, Qatari Diar, Nestlé, Cartamundi and Global Citizen.

In Longer

After completing his graphic design studies at Ensav La Cambre—a global visual arts education powerhouse—Christian began his career as an art director for advertising firms Ogilvy, Grey, Duval Guillaume and Happiness Brussels.

By 2008, he was named Best Belgian Art Director. In 2014, La Republica ranked his work among the World’s 20 Most Genius Print Ads Ever. The London International Awards, Eurobest, NY Festivals and Cannes Lions are among other accolades Christian has been honored to receive.

A series of fortuitous events beginning in 2010 led Christian on a 10,000-mile journey from Brussels to Doha to New York. It began when he took an assignment in Qatar to work on the brand identity for Lusail City, one of the most ambitious and futuristic projects ever imagined by real estate developer Qatari Diar. After completing this groundbreaking venture, he decided to decompress and inspire himself with a trip to New York City, where he fell in love with one of its residents, the lovely Lucia Ahn, pianist for the renowned Ahn Trio. Soon enough, Christian and Lucia were married and welcomed a wonderful son, Blue, into the world.

His New York sojourn led to five years at TBWA Chiat Day-New York as an art director and designer before he founded his own brand studio, Kitchen New York. At Kitchen, Christian and his team serve clients of all sizes and domains across the world—from startups and scale-ups to leading global consumer brands and non-profits, as well as ad and design agencies.

Christian lives with Lucia and Blue in the West Village. You might find him one early morning along the Hudson River during his daily long run.

Founder of Kitchen New York,
a restaurant a brand studio.

Kitchen New York is a brand studio combining authentic brand identity with unique messaging by getting to the core of creative work. Our projects begin with a deep, hands-on understanding of our clients and their needs to ensure any work created represents them and them alone. No bloated teams of intermediaries. No assembly line vibes. Just the high standards and obsessive attention to detail that create consistently outstanding work.

At Kitchen, we operate under a common ethos: we believe branding transcends the simple creation of work for clients, just as cooking is more than just making food for a consumer. And so our name is more than a name; it represents the delicate balance of passion and discipline required to execute impeccably, all the time. This is our commitment.

Author of the Kitchen ethos.

From humble bistro to Michelin-starred, every great kitchen in the world operates by an unspoken code of ethics—a mutual understanding of dos and don’ts on how to act, work and treat each other.

While absorbing these rules through conversations here and there with chefs, Christian realized he’d been applying many of them to his advertising and design work for his entire career, without ever giving it much thought. And so the Kitchen ethos was born as a series of expectations, assumptions and pearls of wisdom to apply to any business that holds itself and its people to higher standards than even the world or clients demand.

The Kitchen ethos can influence everybody’s life and work in a positive way. It is a perfect guide to moral daily living.

“A true global citizen, Christian injects a unique sensibility into all of his work. He is extremely conceptual and his sense of design is crisp and logical. Because he is such a student of the human condition, his is a perspective that ignores boundaries and always finds universal truths. A prolific craftsman.”

James Cheung

Creative Director, Verizon

“Christian is a very energetic and dedicated creative. He's very tough on himself, and therefore, always goes the extra mile to deliver breakthrough ideas. On top of this, he has developed a very good eye for the execution of his ideas, which is of course equally important.”

Kris Govaerts

CEO TBWA Group Belgium - President TBWA Western Europe

“I like to describe Christian as a creative predator: he smells a good idea from miles away and then preys and prowls upon it until he can sink his claws into it and bring it home for everybody to enjoy. In times like these, when even the younger generation is struggling to communicate in clear and clever ways (in spite of all the means they have at hand), it is a privilege and a pleasure to have a red-blooded creative like Christian around.”

Tom Garcia

Head of Sound at Prodigious

“Christian is a nice person and a great thinker. He's conceptually bright and has solid art direction skills. Next to that, the guy is fun to work with. And someone you can count on!”

Karen Corrigan

Co-founder/CEO Happiness Group

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